Table Reservations

On weekends we are taking table bookings of no more than 6. During the week we may have availability for more than 6 if you book 2 or more tables. Bookings are available via https://tables.hostmeapp.com/restaurants/the-cabin-sheffield as we don’t take any bookings over the phone.

Tables are held for 15 minutes before being given to another party.

Gluten-Free Options

We are able to make gluten-free pancakes & waffles, however all our food has to be prepared in the same area due to space constraints.  Therefore our GF options are unfortunately not suitable for Coeliacs due to cross-contamination risks.  Regrettably we simply do not have the kitchen capacity to have dedicated waffle machines & grills solely for gluten-free use.  (We do however have wheat intolerant staff members & customers who enjoy our GF products)

Vegan Options

We are able to make our pancakes with soya milk and can omit the eggs. Pancakes can be made with other alternative milk if you have a soya allergy. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do this for our waffles. We have many toppings available for vegans and also have some vegan only specials!

Job Enquiries

Any job opportunities will be posted on indeed.

Enquiries about Sponsorship

We get requests for money, raffle prizes and gift vouchers almost every day and as a new business we are not in a position to respond to these. We are already in touch with a number of local and global charities so please don’t take our lack of reply personally.

Other unsolicited sales enquiries

We receive e-mails almost every day from people offering us a vast range of potential business improvements and solutions. Regrettably we are unable to reply to any of these as we are too busy running our business!

We hope this information has been helpful.
The Cabin Management Team

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