A bit about us…

It all started when George’s American dad made pancakes with him for the family every Saturday morning as he was growing up, and the tradition then passed on to our own family… Then Linz’s niece married a Norwegian and we discovered home-made waffles as well… Sometimes we’d go out for brunch with our boys but were disappointed in the number of times restaurant’s pancakes had ‘run out’. “What?!” we thought, “How can you run out of them unless you are not making them fresh?!” So we decided we needed to do something about this – and our dream of a cosy, pancake, waffle & coffee house was born!

We believe in the well-being of people and planet, so our packaging is eco friendly where possible, our coffee is ethically sourced, and we use a number of local producers. We also give away a proportion of our profits to local and global charities that are close to our hearts.

Linz is also a photographer and loves finding unusual and beautiful things. Whether it’s the coffee, the tea or the artisan gifts* – we have sought to bring you the best we can find.

*at our sister company @Wildwoodartisangifts

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